Lauderdale Comics was founded by people who love comics, games, and related merchandise, and recognized the growing population in Downtown Fort Lauderdale demanding a place of their own.

More than just a “comic book store,” Lauderdale Comics is a modern, industrial space where customers are encouraged to hang out, debate the latest issues in the world of comics, read a new graphic novel, or play D&D with their buddies.

Lauderdale Comics brings a chill, lounge environment for enjoying the best of pop culture. Comfortable seating and large, sunlit windows provide the perfect venue for an urban getaway.

Whether you are looking for a Top 100 comic series, an off-the-wall graphic novel, a locally-drawn comic, detailed collectible figures, or old-school role playing games, Lauderdale Comics is your new home.

Our staff loves introducing customers to new material, and we take pride in supporting independent and local comic artists. In addition, we will be holding an annual Create-a-Comic contest with prizes and trophies for the winners!

Come check out Lauderdale Comics

An independent pop culture retailer with a modern twist!