Comics You Should Read – July Edition

Comics You Should Read – July Edition

Here at Lauderdale Comics, the crew LOVES comic books, graphic novels, and anything else related to geek culture (yes, we are proud geeks)!  This month, we wanted to highlight some comics — some out in the store, some coming soon — to wet your appetite.  There is a ton of great writing and art that has come out this year, and we want to share some of our favorites.  Any questions?  Call us or come by the store — seven days a week!

When a dangerous group of mercenaries sent by Cadwell Industries accuses her village of murdering one of their men, Sheena is forced to make a deal. To save her home, Sheena now has twenty-four hours to find the missing man alive; if she fails, the mercenaries will attack-and they take no prisoners. But Sheena is not the only one hunting for the missing man…


Batman/Elmer Fudd Special #1, the acclaimed one-shot written by Tom King with art and cover by Lee Weeks and backup story art by Byron Vaughns, has sold out at DC and is being wushed – sorry, rushed – back to press for a new, second printing!

Batman/Elmer Fudd Special #1 Second Printing will feature a recolored version of the original cover by Lee Weeks. It will have an on-sale date of August 2.


DC Offers Custom Retailer Variant Covers on the Harley Quinn 25th Anniversary Special #1:  DC’s celebrates 25 years of Harley Quinn in September with the Harley Quinn 25th Anniversary Special #1.

Featuring stories written by Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, Paul Dini and Chip Zdarsky with art by Conner, Chad Hardin, Joe Quinones and others, this special asks the big questions, like: How does Harley manage her insanely jam-packed life on Coney Island? What haven’t we seen from her past with the Joker? And can even Harley’s psychological acumen crack the twisted mind of…Robin, the Boy Wonder?

This issue features a cover by Amanda Conner, plus open to order variant covers by Jim Lee and Bruce Timm!

The Harley Quinn 25th Anniversary Special #1 is a 48-page comic with a cover price of $4.99 US. It will have an on-sale date of September 6.

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