By: Stacey A. Giulianti

Once in a while, a great new comic gets published, written by premier authors and drawn by top notch artists; “The Visitor: How and Why He Stayed #1” is that great story.  Published by Dark Horse Comics, this comic starts its tale in 1944, with the birth of Hellboy.  While many witnessed the conjuring and birth of our satanic hero, Hellboy, another lifeform was there as well.  This mysterious “visitor” has its own tale to tell, and Mike Mignola and Chris Roberson do a fantastic job of bringing us into this alternate world and Hellboy spinoff.  Art by Paul Grist brings this comic to a whole new level, guaranteed to make a believer of anyone lucky enough to read it!

From Diamond Comics:
“In 1944, Hellboy was conjured in a ceremony meant to give Hitler the ultimate occult weapon. Fortunately, Professor Trevor Bruttenholm was there to witness, and to guide Hellboy to become the greatest paranormal detective in the world.  But Bruttenholm wasn’t the only witness to Hellboy’s arrival. A visitor was there, sent to kill the Beast that had been prophesied to kill us all. What the visitor saw, and why he stayed his hand, leads to the most mysterious Hellboy spinoff yet.”

Come in, grab a copy, and let us know what you think!


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