Comic Books in America

By: Matilda Simpsons (Special Guest to Lauderdale Comics)   The success of the super hero genre in Hollywood exploded onto the scene at the beginning of the millennium, but super heroes and villains and everything in between existed in a very basic — often crude, format — before they all...
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Survey Results Are In!

Ever since we launched our website, as well as our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages, Lauderdale Comics has been actively seeking ideas, comments, and suggestions to make Downtown’s only comic and toy lounge a place you will come on a regular basis. From day one, we set up to...
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Best-Selling Comics for January, 2015

Diamond Distributors has announced the Top 100 Best-Selling Comics of January, 2015. Marvel, having taken over the Star Wars franchise and re-launched it, may have a winner on their hands – it was the number one selling comic issue in its first month of distribution! Other members of the “Top...
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