Your Place for Collectible Statues and Figures

Lauderdale Comics: Your Place for Collectible Statues and Figures

As a curated shopping experience, our goal at Lauderdale Comics is to bring the very best of the pop culture and comic book world to our customers.  We cannot carry everything, of course, and our store aims to be intimate, relaxing, and fun!  Sure, we have chairs and benches where we could place merchandise for sale, but we want you to hang out with us.  Want to tell us who would win in a fight between Deadpool and Deathstroke?  Let’s talk!  Have an opinion as to why the last superhero movie stunk (or rocked)?  Tell us!  We are part of your downtown community, and welcome locals, new customers, tourists, and everyone else that enjoys quality comics, graphic novels, action figures, toys, collectibles, and novelties.  We hope you wander our store and discover an item you didn’t know existed — and buy it!

Unlike other comic and gaming stores, we have a Specialty Food License — and offer some of the area’s best and most delicious (ok, so that’s MY opinion) Bubble Tea!  Haven’t tried it before?  Come to one of our regular Bubble Tea Sampler Parties and try myriad flavors.  We want you to be happy and keep coming back for more!  My personal favorite is a Passion Fruit tea, extra ice, with pomegranate popping bubbles — yum!  My wife particularly loves the Taro Smoothie with tapioca pearls, and each of our staff members has their own personal, signature favorite.

The real heart of our store, however, is our fantastic collection (for sale, of course) of statues and collectible figures.  We created custom built-in wall units with art gallery lighting to display these pieces and bring out their fine details.  These are truly top notch, artistic creations, and we have them in all price ranges.  Moreover, we keep the boxes and all packing materials, and we will make sure you take these items home in a safe and secure manner, ready to be set up and displayed in your own home or apartment.  Come by and check out our offerings, as we change much of our store inventory every SINGLE WEEK.  Let us know your thoughts and suggestions, and come support your local comic and game shop!  See you at the store!